We at IWN are well aware of the incredible demand the elements around the farm put on the equipment. This is why we forged the design and the selected materials from the harshest environments possible in military grade radios and antennas. Our original design for the radio frequency was built to withstand the harshness of 20,000 clients connecting at once at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, NV 2014. We connected screaming fans for the first time ever while live streaming the event via The LOLLIPOP AG NETWORK. This allowed companies like SNAPCHAT to give their users access to their application in a never before accomplished broadband network of epic scale. This means that for any size farming operation or rural community requirement, as our coverage reaches you it can be counted on to deliver! Good bye to the old wired infrastructure that won’t reach you anyway and the high latency satellite signal. HELLO 21st century speeds and reliability!