Linden, CA—-Watkins Ag Services–iNET™ is LIVE

iNET™ is LIVE in Linden, CA in the HEART of California’s agriculture giant San Joaquin Valley.  Crews installed the first of many phases of iNET™ in the valley creating the first ever WiFi network for farming and agriculture.

“IWN’s products were developed with the agricultural community in mind,” said Steve Davis, CEO of Intelligent Wireless Networks and candidate for California’s 5th Senate District.

 “Most rural areas don’t have reliable broadband, we’ve solved that problem, and taken it a step further by using technology to bring farming into the 21st century,” Davis continued.


iNET™ live on an iPHONE in rural CA. Ready for farmers to use and deploy technology on the farm.

iNET™ live on an iPHONE in rural CA. Ready for farmers to use and deploy technology on the farm.

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A brief history about EDC and it’s founder

IWN is proud to say that it contributed to the wireless infrastructure, offered to event goers this past June. Read about the history of EDC, Electric Daisy Carnival, it’s founder, and where they hope to take the event in the future. ARTICLE

Event photo of The Kinetic Field, or Main Stage, referenced in the article with a $3 Million dollar price tag.

EDC LV'14 - Kinetic Field Stage

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Follow IWN on Twitter

For the latest updates, follow Intelligent Wireless Networks, Inc. on Twitter @IWNinc

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IWN CEO Speaking at the World Agri-Tech Investment Summit in London

Steven C. Davis, Chairman and CEO, has been invited to speak at this years World Agri-TEch Investment Summit in London. The Summit is geared around the growing Agri-Tech industry and the need for agriculture and rural communities to advance technologically. With the growing demand for the world food supply and decreasing amount of natural resources, technology is the answer to growing issues faced by growers.

In a report to legislators in California earlier this year, Mr. Davis explained, ” Wireless technology has increased the profitability and sustainability for everyone except these key rural communities. Its time that changed. We see the growing demand for food and decreased use or waste of natural resources as the biggest business opportunity of the 21st century. And it only happens with a robust wireless network. IWN providers that network.”

Truly, the demand for these critical technologies like water monitors and sensors have incredible benefit. But what happens when there is no connectivity for them to utilize? The answer is simple, they are useless.

“I believe we need to do far more with mobile connectivity than social media, check emails and buy merchandise. What we do is going to change the world in a monumental positive direction.” Steven C. Davis

see the full agenda for the summit at: 


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IWN at EDC LV’14

Intelligent Wireless Networks, Inc., IWN, provided the “first-ever”, of it’s kind, wireless connectivity to the masses at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2014. Our high density solution, Mobile Mesh One®, gave attendees expanded ways to communicate with the world. Social media sites like Snapchat capitalized on this new availability with add-on features like Our EDC Story, capturing the event from the perspective of their user base. Live Nation and Insomniac’s goal is to continuously enhance the fan experience. The added coverage at this year’s event provided fans with wireless device connectivity like they hadn’t experienced before!  Watch this video of a happy EDC patron we happened to meet in Las Vegas… Happy EDCer!

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Big Things Happening

California will be hosting the second annual State Economic Summit next week November 7th and 8th. Our founders, Steve and Gina Davis have been actively involved in expanding California’s economy for the past few years. At last years Economic Summit the Official Economic Plan was written and sent to Washington DC as the platform for growth here in California. The plan features a picture of Steve and Gina signing to be Champions of the State Smart Infrastructure Action Teams. Throughout this year they have been actively involved in many different forums, teams and consortiums to help plan the next phases of economic growth in or wonderful state. Through IWN’s strategic technological enhancements in connectivity for rural and farming communities, our plan shows superior growth through Smart Infrastructure. see the full plan and details of other exciting news for our state at 

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Some Great News!

IWN has joined the Cleantech Open 2014! Look for us on the Cleantech i3 list of companies.

IWN to begin raising money for 2014  BRAIN® (Broadband Regional Agriculture Infrastructure Network) build outs. 

IWN has entered contract negotiations with worlds largest entertainment company to provide Mobile Mesh One® networks for several locations in 2014.

IWN CEO, Steve Davis, to attend the second annual California Economic Summit in Los Angeles November 7,8 2013. Representing the Infrastructure Action team in bringing about  economic growth and change through broadband technology. 

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Hello world!

IWN is a specialized integrator of next-generation wireless Directed Antenna Systems (DAS). DAS installations are expansions to existing cellular tower systems. Because communications towers (the current technology) have a limited range, they are primarily placed in populated areas, leaving outer-lying areas un-served or under-served with limited services. DAS systems are relatively low-cost extensions to communications towers that can bring high performance, wideband broadband services to rural areas of the country, and to other places where there is currently poor or no cellular service.

IWN designs and installs DAS systems for stadiums, commercial buildings, and other venues where there is a high demand for either continuous or periodic cellular usage. Football stadiums are an example of periodic high traffic communications. With hundreds or thousands of fans Tweeting, emailing or watching the event on their mobile phone or tablet, reliable wideband communications is in high-demand as these events stretch the capabilities of America’s current communications architecture. The installation of an in-stadium DAS system is a superior solution.

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